Welcome! I’m Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarsson, writer, cultural historian, lecturer and photographer. I specialize in garden-, architectural- and British cultural history.

The name of my little company is Kulturträdgården –The Cultural Garden. There, I work under the motto Variatio delectat – Variety gives joy. As in a garden with different rooms, but with a structure that keeps it all together. The joy of learning and teaching, passing my knowledge and enthusing others to learn is what I am passionate about.

My background

I am educated at the University of Stockholm and the University of Arts, Crafts and Design. Among my workplaces are The Swedish National Heritage Board, at the The Cultural Environment Department and heading The Department for Cultural Tourism. I have also worked at Upplandsmuseet – the county museum for Uppsala county, the open air museum Skansen and as a Director of the Swedish Horticultural Society.

I currently sit on he board of Capellagården School for Arts & Crafts on Öland.

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