Lectures and course activities

I give lectures and courses on topics in cultural history, gardening and architecture. The lectures can be from 45-50 minutes to two-three hours long. Course activities are either half-day, full-day or longer courses spread over several days.

See examples of topics below. Contact me for a price proposal.


  • The garden at Engelsberg mill
  • The Arts & Crafts garden at Tjolöholm
  • Karin Larsson and the garden at Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn
  • The Victorian Garden – In the footsteps of the gardener
  • Gardens in England and Italy
    Garden history – can be just one era or throughout the history of gardening
  • The garden as a public educator – about the role of the garden in society around the turn of the century
  • Women in the garden – about weeders, garden hills, fine ladies and female gardeners
  • Chinese garden
  • The Secret Gardens of Venice
  • Heavenly and earthly gardens/ in the herb garden of the soul and body
  • Garden personalities through time
  • Garden hedges – from framework to madness
  • Arts & Crafts gardens
  • The cemetery – a green cultural heritage
  • Old garden tools and their history
  • The history of the apple in myth and in the garden
  • Snowdrops – a gallant love story
  • Flowers – cultural history
  • Dahlias – history and cultivation

Cultural history, literature and architecture

  • Tjolöholm Castle – can have different focal points, e.g. Arts & Crafts, Liberty, Lars Israel Wahlman, the Dickson family, etc.
  • A food book – food history from Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn and Karin Larsson
  • A cake book – cake and baking history from Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn and Karin Larsson
  • Arts & Crafts – series on different aspects of Arts & Crafts or individual lectures on topics such as John Ruskin, the Pre-Raphaelites, William and
  • Jane Morris, individual Arts & Crafts buildings and sites
  • The Garden City – about the garden city in England and how it influenced Swedish architects
  • Charles Dickens – his life, times and works and the play A Christmas Carol
  • William Shakespeare – his life, times and works
  • Lectures on places in Sweden, England, Denmark and Italy
  • Textile artist Märtha Gahn

Display and presentation technology

  • Display and presentation technology
  • The art of showing a place, building, garden, etc
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